How can you Grow Money through IPO Investments?

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An Initial Public Offering (IPO) refers to a stock launch or public offering through which a company sells its shares to the general public. The investor community is presently very excited about IPOs and there is an IPO frenzy in the market. The previous year has been a stellar year for IPOs as large-sized public offers, participation of new-age businesses and bumper listings made their way into the stock markets.

IPOs act as a valid plan to make your money grow and ultimately lead to wealth creation. IPO investments are great decisions taken at the right time if one is a well-informed investor and aware of the latest market trends. As a smart investor, one must always keep a watch on the upcoming IPO list and keep adding valuable shares to their portfolio in order to grow money by leaps and bounds.

It is necessary to understand that while IPOs offer investors an opportunity to invest in strong businesses, the offer price alone must not be the basis on which investors must subscribe. Similar to investing in any share of a listed company, the decision to subscribe to an IPO must also depend on a thorough analysis and study.

Here are the top reasons of how you can grow money through IPO investments-

1.   First-Mover Advantage

IPOs allow you to buy the company’s share prices at an ‘entry level’, which is an attractive price as the price of the shares may go up in the secondary market. Hence, an IPO may be your window to rapidly profit in a short period of time and may also help you to generate wealth in the long run.

2.   Achieving Long-Term Goals

Investing in IPOs means investing in equity and investing in equity for a long-term may help one to grow their money by leaps and bounds and help one meet their long-term goals like retirement, child’s education, marriage, buying a property etc.

3.   Transparency

An advantage of investing in IPOs is that the information regarding the company is publicly available on a real-time basis on the official website of the stock exchanges where the stocks of the company are listed. Thus, it is very easy to know about a company’s share price, history, future prospects, current projects and financials. This helps investors make a well-informed decision and grow money over time.

 4.   Decision-making Authority

Since you have invested money in the company, you procure voting rights to decide on the way the company is operated. Assume a company that you have invested in announces in their annual general meeting that they are going to move in a direction that might impact its profitability. You, as a shareholder, have the right to vote against such a decision.

5.   Chance to invest in unlisted companies with great performance

An IPO offers investors an opportunity to invest in good and growing companies that enter the market through the IPO route. Many of these companies are available at a reasonable price during IPO compared to the post listing price. Thus, a smart investor must take advantage of the situation and invest in IPOs to create money in the long run.

IPO is often the cheapest price if you wish to invest in a small company that has the potential to grow manifold. Moreover, through IPO investment and staying invested in them, shareholders are entitled to various benefits like bonus shares, dividends, rights issue and so on. History dictates that staying invested in equity has generated higher returns than any other asset class. Thus, it is a good idea to hold a portion of the equity in your investment portfolio.

Having a good idea about your financial goals and risk-taking capability will give you a clear picture on which IPO you should invest in. If one conducts a proper due diligence about the IPO before investing, it can lead to the right path. Moreover, if one is on IPO watch, they can make smart decisions about investing in companies that has major growth potential. This is because the shares will be at their cheapest available price and the prices may sky-rocket at a later stage. Hence, it is advisable to keep a close watch on the prices so that one can sell the shares with a huge profit margin.


Just like any other investment, one must assess their risk-taking ability before investing in an IPO. If the valuations do not match up with the growth prospects, it is advisable not to invest in such IPOs. Thus, research plays a very important role before investing in an IPO. Also, one must keep in mind that they do not need to invest in every IPO. Making prudent decisions and assessing one’s risk appetite is of primary importance before investing in an IPO.

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