How Mutual Funds make Money for You?

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Have you been hearing the term mutual funds investments too often?

Well, undoubtedly mutual funds are becoming a popular source of investment among major investors of all age groups. Most financial advisors today recommend investment in mutual funds owing to their capacity to generate wealth over a period of time. 

Various features associated with mutual funds like flexibility, low cost and the opportunity that mutual funds provide to earn lucrative returns make mutual funds one of the most sought-after modes of investment in the present times.

The process of investing in mutual funds is simple and paperless. Investors can keep an eye on the market and invest according to their needs. Returns are also generated by moving between mutual fund schemes and portfolio rebalancing.

By making monthly SIP investments in mutual fund schemes of your choice, you can create a diverse mutual fund portfolio. Additionally, you have the choice to invest using a systematic investment plan, more commonly known as SIP.

You must first get a thorough idea of what exactly mutual funds are and how mutual funds operate before you can comprehend how mutual funds can assist you in reaching your financial goals. You can use this to make an informed choice before buying mutual funds.

Let us discuss mutual funds in detail and understand how they make money for you.

How Mutual Funds operate?

A mutual fund is a pool of money that enables participants to gather their funds for a single investing goal. Mutual funds then invest the funds of these participants in different asset types. An Asset Management Company (AMC) makes these investments on behalf of the investors. The team

So, let us understand how earning money through mutual funds works-

As an investor, you invest your money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. You have two options for purchasing them: directly or through investment vehicles like mutual funds.

When compared to direct investments, mutual funds have a few advantages. For instance, it's possible that you lack the knowledge or time necessary to constantly monitor market movements. In this situation, mutual funds are a perfect substitute because they are managed by experts.

How money grows with mutual funds?

If you dig deep through the concept of mutual funds investment, you will understand how mutual funds work and help in capital appreciation for investors.

  1. Firstly, income in mutual funds can be earned from dividends on shares of the stocks and interests on bonds that are present in the mutual fund’s portfolio. A mutual fund distributes approximately all of its income received by it in a year to fund owners. It is pertinent to note that investors can wither receive the dividend or choose to reinvest the earnings and buy more shares which are added to their mutual fund portfolio. 

  1. The second way through which the value of mutual fund holdings increase is by increase in value of mutual fund scheme. When the value of mutual fund holdings rises but are not sold by the fund manager, the price of the shares in the fund increase. Investors can sell their mutual fund shares for a profit in the market. 

  1. Another way in which mutual funds make money for you is by capital gain from sale of securities. When mutual fund sells securities that have increased in price, it is known as capital profit. The mutual fund passes these profits further to the investors through which they can grow their money and create wealth in the long run.

Factors to consider before investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds generate wealth for investors by using the power of compounding, i.e., generating interest on interest. Depending on the underlying securities of the fund, the decisions made by the fund managers, the category of the funds, the market situation and the economic conditions, many types of mutual funds produce a wide range of returns. Moreover, various factors like uncertainties in the economy and in global economic scenario also impact mutual fund performance.

As a result, a diversified portfolio made up of investments from various asset classes and fund houses produces returns that are risk-adjusted and dependent on the investor's risk appetite, time horizon for making investments and financial objectives.


Mutual funds are a great source of wealth creation and work positively when you diversify your holdings by putting money across various low-risk high-return funds.

Mutual funds leverage the power of compounding and create wealth for investors. The interest you earn on interest is compounded. As a result, your investment's value continues to increase at an exponential rate. Compounding can cause your investment's value to rise significantly over time. Thus, if one invests in a prudent manner, mutual funds can work wonders for them.

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