Stock Trading Using masterswift2.0

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mastertrust provides its users with multiple platforms to trade and track equities at their convenience while also providing a safe and secure trading platform. Amongst its various online trading platforms like mastermobile, masterweb, Master Trader 3.0, Bracket Order, Rest API, Master Bridge, NEST Strategy, NEST API, masterswift2.0 is one of the most popular platforms used by many traders and investors. It is one of the best online trading platforms that allows one to perform all functions instantly and with great ease and convenience.

masterswift2.0 includes a number of features like advanced charting, pattern recognition and back testing. It is a smart platform which offers a host of online trading tools and functions for share traders.Trading in stocks has now become an easy task for investors and traders with masterswift2.0.

Major benefits offered by this stock market software include:-

Expert Advisors

Expert advisors enable you to use your own trading ideas or accept automated, real-time trade signals thereby facilitating seamless trade through a simplified platform.

Back Testing

Another important feature of masterswift2.0 is back testing. Traders and investors can now track their trading strategy against historical data to reduce risk. Furthermore, it also facilitates coding of advanced strategies with powerful scripting language.

Pattern Recognition

Through this feature, users can search trading charts for specific market trends and patterns. masterswift2.0 can recognize any given pattern within the chart data.

Third Party Platforms

mastertrust’s swift bridge technology allows connection with Ami Broker, Excel, Python, Java, .Net etc. to semi-automate online trading strategies.

Advanced Charting

Through the Advanced Charting Feature, one can trade online with 10 different types of charts and 75+ built-in indicators. It is now possible to trade directly off the charts with a single click.


If you are looking to hone your trading skills and become a master trader, you are at the right place! One can now use genetic idea optimization tools and become a power trader with masterswift’s well-optimised online trading technology.


With mastertrust’s 10+ online stock trading scanners, you can create your own stock scanner to realize your own trading ideas.

Historical Data

masterswift2.0 is a pool of historical data which equips you in making informed decisions while buying and selling stocks..

masterswift2.0  enhances your trading experience with a wide range of share market tools. The trading software offers cutting-edge security features along with a secure login with 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your online trading account. It allows users to create a buy script or sell script in minutes and attach it to their charts. Using this option in Artificial Intelligence, users can apply various EA on their charts to generate Buy or Sell signals. It also offers 35 public Expert Advisors that one can use.

Moreover, the buy/sell signal software offers several prominent chart tools, such as Trendline, Speed Line, Gann Fan, Fibonacci Arc, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Time Zones, Tirone Levels, Quadrant Lines, Raff Regression, Error Channels, Rectangle, Ellipse and Free Hand Drawing, that help users to make informed decisions while trading online. Additionally, users can also export chart data to excel or save the chart file as an image or a template for future use.

masterswift2.0 comes with a special feature called Funds window that shows limit set for selected clients, offers trading details like how much cash is used, how much margin is blocked etc. The feature can be accessed from the Position Menu and it allows users to square-off positions. Additionally, limit orders and market orders can be placed by selecting the desired position. masterswift2.0 also allows fund transfer from bank account to trading account.

Among its various other features, masterswift2.0 also makes online trading an easy affair with its customizable market watch window. Users can also access the orders window which is a one-stop solution for placing all types of online trading orders through mastertrust. Users can place Buy/Sell Orders, Cover Orders, After Market Orders and check order status in the trading order book history. Users can also switch to the summary display for viewing all the trades across all the scrips.

Furthermore, users can view consolidated positions in the Net Positions window and even filter the positions further according to the exchange/segment, product tag and options/futures calls or daily/net positions. A smart trading software, it also enables users to square-off all pending positions or a part of the open positions and convert position from one product to another. Users can be assured that masterswift2.0 performs all necessary checks before converting position to other product type. masterswift2.0 also offers consensus reports which can be used to check trends of a stock. It helps you to make informed decisions for buying or selling shares.

Be a part of a smart community of investors by using masterswift2.0, desktop software that offers partial automation through scripts and allows you to buy and sell stocks at a price that you want. Take advantage of its various features and characteristics that helps you in making informed and wise decisions.