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mastermobile is our mobile trading app that gives you an access to real-time market data of individual contracts and market indices. This mobile trading application supports multiple stock exchanges and allows you to execute various type of orders. The app also offers a quick overview of your order history, trade & positions report, stock holdings and accounts.

Secure Login

Protect your financial data with state-of-the-art encryption technologies and two-factor authentication.

Market Watchlist

Keep an eye on favored instruments using a personalized MarketWatch. You can setup multiple watchlists.

Mobile Trading

Trade directly from your watchlist, buy/sell instruments, modify stock orders and view comparison charts on-the-go.

Order Placement

Quickly switch between orders through mastermobile stock market app with support for IOC and day trading.

Portfolio Summary

View Net Position, T1/T2 holdings and fund details of your equity and commodity account under the Portfolio Tab.

Stock Performance

Find performing or non-performing instruments, such as top gainers, losers and most active instruments.

Advanced Charting

Use our advanced chart analytics for online trading. Customize chart and scale properties as desired.

Stock Market Alerts

Add alerts to any scrip from the marketwatch. Touch a particular scrip and click on alert icon to set alerts.

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How mastermobile trading app works?

mastermobile trading app offers a feature rich experience for modern smartphone users by leveraging smart design and interface technologies. This stock market app supports almost all types of online trading activities which are offered by our desktop trading software, masterswift 2.0.

Getting Started

Start your investments with the best stock trading app in the market. Login to mastermobile using your trading ID and password. The app requires two-factor authentication which means that you will receive an OTP on your email or phone for a successful login.


Our trading app supports creation of multiple watchlists to help you track stock prices on-the-go. To add instruments in the stock market app, start typing instrument symbol or company name in the search box. The search will show recommendations based on your input. Select the instrument you want to add. Search needs minimum 2 characters to show recommendations. The app allows you to quickly toggle between different watchlists and edit watchlist names.


mastermobile stock trading app supports market orders, limit orders, SL/SLM orders, cover orders, after market orders, and bracket orders. To place an order, select product type and use the buy/sell order form to choose from NRML, MIS or CNC. Mastermobile currently supports Day and IOC orders, GTC and GTD order validity is not supported. You can switch between Day and IOC using the toggle switch, and orders can be modified or altered from the pending orders screen.


mastermobile e-trading app gives you an access to all your investment and cash details under a single tab. View day or net positions, convert or exit position, or view T1/T2 holdings and cash details of your equity and commodity account using the Portfolio tab on our online trading app.

Market Screeners

Screeners help you to find the instruments which have been performing or non-performing. At present, top gainers, losers and most active instruments etc. are shown in mastermobile trading app. We are planning to add more screeners soon.


You can schedule alerts for all your watched instruments on mastermobile stock trading app. To add alerts, tap on any scrip and click on alert icon. To pause, resume, edit or remove an alert, go to Alerts tab in the top navigation panel or the clock icon at bottom right corner.


Use the advanced charting techniques offered in mastermobile trading app for making informed decisions. You can customize chart data and scale properties and compare charts. Use Trendline, Fibonacci arcs or other drawing tools, and load historical data up to a year for trading analysis and research.


You can add funds directly from your bank account to your linked Trading & Demat account with mastermobile app. To add funds to your account from within the e-trading app, go to Portfolio tab > go to Funds View tab > tap on Pay In.

Frequently Asked Questions

mastermobile online trading app is available for both iOS and Android device. To download the mobile app on your device, search for mastermobile in the App Store and Google Play store or use the link below.