For every person who opens an account with mastertrust using your Referral Link, you get ₹ __amt__* (valid till __toDate__)

The more you refer, the more you earn

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Anyone who has an account with us can refer his/her friends, family or colleagues to ‘open an account with us’, and get monitory rewards.

If details of the referred client already exist in mastertrust database as an existing client or as a lead client, then it will not be considered under this scheme for referral reward and mastertrust reserves the right to exclude such accounts for calculation of referral reward.

Yes, there are some terms & conditions which are listed below:
  • The mobile no. & email id at the time of referring and opening an account should be the same to enable us to match the records with the reference provided.
  • The Referrer confirms of having obtained the consent of the person referred for providing his/her details.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of mastertrust management will be final and binding.
  • The Introducer shall have no authority to prescribe the brokerage rates applicable to the clients and shall have no authority to change the brokerage rates as prescribed by mastertrust. The Introducer shall not make any false promises to the prospective customers with regard to the brokerage and other charges.
  • mastertrust reserves the rights to withdraw this offer any time before the validity period.
  • All the verification and account opening process will be carried out by mastertrust team and team reserves the right to reject the case depending on compliance requirements and the company’s existing policies and procedures.
  • mastertrust reserves the right to carry out checks and controls as it deems fit and proper, before the credit of referral reward to the referrer.

Yes, you need to have an active Trading and Demat account with mastertrust

Firstly, you need to ‘Login’ to your account, then go to my reports and click on Refer and Earn. You can directly mail your friends, family, colleagues etc or share the referral link with them on whatsapp. You can also share the referral link via social media platforms by selecting the icon mentioned on the page.

To register for mastertrust’s Refer and Earn program, you need to have an account with us. If you don’t have an account with us yet, select ‘Register’ and start your application to create an account with us by filling in the required details. Once your account is created and verified, you can go to Refer and Earn page and share the unique referral code with your friends and family.

Once you sign up for the program, you will get an auto-generated referral code for every offer that we publish.

Once you share your referral code with your referees, they need to open an account with us using your referral code. As soon as their account gets verified and active, then you will be rewarded. So Simple!*

The reward amount will be credited to your trading ledger account by the 15th of the subsequent month in which the referred client opens an account with us.

Referral reward varies from time to time, please keep checking our offers on Refer and Earn dashboard.

You can see the details of your referees who have successfully opened an account with us using your referral codes on your Refer and Earn dashboard.

Yes, the status of your referrals will be redefined as soon as they will open an account with us and that account gets activated.

You can refer as many people as you want at the same time.

If any client gets referral credit of more than Rs. 15,000 in any financial year than TDS shall be deductible on whole of the amount.

  • Referral award will be given if referee opens an account subject to minimum cash margin of Rs. 5,000 and account getting activated within 30 days of referral. Account will be treated as active in case minimum 1 trade is executed.
  • Rs 20000/- Discount vouchers per introduced client to be provided to the introducer immediately on account opening of the Referee.
  • Referee to get Rs 25000/- Discount vouchers and upto Rs 1000/- as Brokerage Cashback for trades done within 1 month of account activation.
  • Discount voucher redemption details will be shared on the register email / mobile number
  • Discount Vouchers are provided by respective brands and mastertrust will not be liable for any withdrawal or discontinuation of the same
  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein, mastertrust reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice to vary, withdraw, cancel, or invalidate the scheme, without having to give a reason thereof, and without compensation whatsoever. Further, mastertrust has the discretion to reject any claim in the event of irregularity, discrepancy, or dispute, and its decision shall be final, conclusive and binding. 

If a person has been referred by 2 individuals, the person who has referred 1st will be considered. This will be determined from the timestamp on the database.