What precautions must one take before investing in the stock markets?

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Every equity investor must take utmost care and maintain discipline while investing in the stock markets. Online stock trading platforms are a two-way street. You may either make gains or book losses, depending on a variety of factors. Investments are made keeping various reasons in mind. For e.g.- to achieve financial needs, to buy a house property, to plan a child’s education and several other reasons.

Stock markets provide a platform for investors to make money through systematic planning and disciplined investment. If we observe the trend of the stock markets since the pandemic, it has been a topsy-turvy ride. Many investors have been found questioning their investment decision due to the market volatility, price movements and trends. Nobody can control the markets. However, investing in a planned and strategic manner can help one in making the right investment decisions.
Here are some precautions and tips that one must take before investing in the stock market-

1. Buy stocks that you have studied about

Stock market is not a place where you can lose control and invest on the basis of hearsay recommendations by an uncertified individual. You must only invest in stocks that you have studied in detail or is recommended by a well established broking/research house. For e.g.- an investor must analyze the company, its promoters and manageme nts, price movements, financial ratios, market capitalization, goodwill and several other factors before making an investment in the stock of that company.
Do not be lured by any advertisements, market rumors and recommendations from random influencers.

2. Assess your risk-taking ability

Investment in stocks entails various risks. There are various factors like interest rates, inflation, currency movements, liquidity, volatility etc. that affect the stock markets. As an investor, you must always know the extent of risk that you are willing to take and invest in a manner that suits your risk tolerance.

Identify and carefully assess your risk-taking ability before making any investment in the stock markets.

3. Diversify your portfolio

Diversification is a skill that must be learned early in life. A well-diversified portfolio is always the best option. If your financial goals are set in such a way that you want to make money over a certain length of time, you may want to build a diversified portfolio, which includes equities from several market sectors, to ensure that your objectives are met within that time frame.

Also, investing in various market segments and sectors means that you can take advantage from various asset classes while you might not be able to earn well from another asset, you might not earn well from other, thus helps in balancing things out.

4. Be realistic about your return expectations

While investing in the stock markets, ensure that you keep your return expectations real-based on the market unpredictability, risk factor, inflation, national and international events and other factors that affect the stock market volatility.

There are many stories out there that claim that investing in stock markets can earn you a certain proportion of your money. This, however, is dependent on a number of factors, including risk appetite and market cycle.

5. Monitor your Investments Periodically

A prudent stock investor will keep a track of all national and international events and changes that may affect the stock markets. These events can leave a major impact on the stocks that you have invested in. Thus, study the markets periodically and keep a track on all your investments in order to get the maximum return.

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