Experience the built-in genetic algorithm strategy optimization tools packed with advanced charting and take your Internet Based Trading to next level.


Trade and track equities and derivatives at your convenience with our Mobile App. Simple and hassle-free, the app allows seamless movement across all the available trading sections.


Safe and secure access to our online trading platform bundled with charting options, real-time quotes, portfolio tracking, news feed and research options.

Master Trader 3.0

Master Trader is one of the most consummate algo trading terminal which connects with Amibroker Charting software and allows you to trade with it. It has complex order management facilities like bidding, slicing etc. You can not only write/customize their strategy & executes via Amibroker signal on MasterTraderV3.0 but also code a trading strategy for server side execution with complex order handling options. It is available as a CTCL terminal.

Bracket Order

Bracket Order is a special three leg order type which allows you to place the main order as well as the stop-loss and the profit taking order, all in a single click. Trailing stop loss feature is also enabled in bracket order.

Rest API

Leverage the power of API for quotes monitoring and trading. Based on the most common protocols in the market, our API not only enables obtaining market data but also execution of the trades.

Master Bridge

MASTER BRIDGE offers simple code snippet to connect any external software like Microsoft excel, Amibroker, or other programming languages like Java, Net, Python and advanced application with our order management system. This helps enable the firing of orders directly from application of your choice. You can also take data for your charting application using the Master Bridge.

Nest Strategy

NEST STRATEGY offers standard out of the box algorithms and a simple but powerful Integrated Development Environment to design and deploy proprietary algorithms. It is available in a CTCL environment.


These are the APIs for multiple development environments for writing custom front end and algo strategies for high frequency trading. The APIs are made available in Java, COM and C++. Deployment requires exchange approval.