Enterprise-Grade Trading APIs

Build your own innovative platforms or deploy algorithmic trading strategies which suit your unique requirements using our reliable trading APIs.

Why mastertrust APIs ?


You can access our APIs without incurring any fees whatsoever.


Extremely simple to integrate through extensive documentation.


Tested by third-party trading systems and is built for highly scalable workloads.

Integration Methods

Who is this for ?

Our APIs are exclusively meant for algorithmic traders or platforms which are keen on expanding the trading ecosystem in India.

Algorithmic traders

Serious traders who want to automate their trading systems.


Teams that want to build innovative trading/investing platforms to expand the capital market ecosystem.


Softwares or websites which cater to the trading/investing audience can connect with us to provide a complete experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rest API enables traders to directly connect their screening software with their Trading account to share real time and historical prices and place orders.